I am You as You Are Me, Interactive Public Work, NYC, 2018

Chantal Hassard is a Canadian visual artist and artistic researcher, working primarily in paint and video. Her work is currently interrogating the relationship between an artwork, the artist and it’s viewer which she sees in parallel with policy, law and the body politic.

Hassard held her first solo exhibition of participatory paintings I am You as You are Me in 2018 at Northern Contemporary, Toronto. The series has since been included at interactive art festivals in Toronto and New York, incorporated into Broadleaf Theatre’s production of the Chemical Valley Project and showcased during a Rising Youth event at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Hassard graduated in 2020 from University of Amsterdam the Master of Arts in Art and Culture with a specialization in artistic research. She graduated from the University of Toronto in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Visual Studies.