Film and Video Work

Hassard frequently works with film to document creative and research processes.

Some films password are protected because they either are either still in editing process or currently being considered for screening at film festivals.

Ludiek Actie: The Performative Nature Of Paintbombs, 2019
The research investigates object based knowledge through the application of performance theory to paintbombs held in the Staatsarchief (Squatter’s archive) at the International Institute for Social History. Paintbombs were historically used by the Amsterdam squatter’s movement in orchestrated ‘ludiek actie’ against state authorities during eviction waves. The film makes a bid for the agency of paintbombs as activist objects by exploring the gesture of throwing a paintbomb as a perlocutionary action resulting in a meaningful, intentional utterance. Password: splat

Painting Percept, Affect and Concept with Deleuze & Guattari in Vondelpark, 2019 Password: splat

Order Cannot Be Brought to Institutionalised Disorder, 2015
An Artists Failed Attempt to Understand Bosnia After Dayton