The Exquisite Corpse Shall Drink The New Wine

Building on I am You as You are Me,  The Exquisite Corpse Shall Drink The New Wine (2018) is also modelled on the surrealist parlour game of the same name historically used by Yves Tanguy, Marcel Duchamp, Andre Breton and others to derive spontaneous poetry and images from a collective subconscious. The exquisite corpse game “provoked a vigorous play of often extreme discordances, but also supported the idea of communication between the participants —tacit, but in waves; this would have to be reduced to its rightful limits by control of the estimate of probabilities, but in the final analysis we believe that this communication tends to be confirmed as fact.” This is participatory painting series invites all artists to work on one set of paintings to create an portrait of the collective subconscious.

The tripartite portraits were created by a large group over the course of a weekend during an interactive art event called Futureplay. The 2018 festival was organized to celebrate the 30th birthday of the Nieuw en Meer, a legalised squat on the outskirts of Amsterdam. Several blank canvases were set outdoors on pallets and participants of Futureplay were invited to paint using paintbrushes and numerous colors of paint.  The only direction offered to participants was a sign reading “Please paint yourself.” Participants painted freely on the canvas, often modifying or painting over what other participants had painted.